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The day I handed out my wedding invitation

Sunday, January 14, 2018

not. haha. pantas clarify in case you too, are the serious types like my colleagues (boo) who takes my jokes all too serious.


Several days ago, Mira stopped by to give me her wedding invitations of which I have to distribute to all our colleagues. Cue: Me, with white envelope walking around the office.

First victim was Haziq,

Me: Nah, wedding invitation I
Haziq: *looking very serious* eh congrats!
Me: oh thank you!
Haziq:*Still starring at me...grinning*

IN MY HEAD, this sounds funny. He should open the envelope, realise that it's not mine and he'll condemn me for a minute then we'll laugh.

but man, this guy is tough! he's not opening the envelope! Scared, I clarified

Me: weh bukan I la. Mira punya
Haziq: *Still starring* krik krik

Of course, I never I tried one more time with Julius,

Me: Hi, this is for you, my wedding invitation!
Julius: Really? Hey congratulation!!! *looking genuinely happy that seriously I feel touch like can I get married right now just to please this guy*
Me: *scared* awwww thank you....but honestly, this is Amira's..
Julius: pfttttt......I thought it was yours! I was happy for you...please, whenever you get married just tell me, i'll be there...even if I am not in Malaysia, I'll come back! *seriously, I need to please this guy, can someone marry me already. -_________- *


This time, I learn my lesson. I wasn't going to trick Daniel, but he saw me walking from afar, holding a stack of white envelopes, he screamed from his place,

"Awwww congratulation!"


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