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I bought a house!

Sunday, May 27, 2018


[3rd March 2018]

I was bored so I was browsing Mudah for houses. I know right, why so acah-acah. haha. I came across this reasonably priced single storey house in my neighborhood. Now, although I vowed not to buy any house in at least the next two years after previous two failed attempts at buying one, this house is only half of what I'm used too so this seems like a good bargain. Showed it to Emak, she likes it, the rest was history.

As if we were rich, we went to view the house the next morning itself, browse through it, paid deposit, arrange for bank loan, all in the very same day! Yup, my parents impulse purchase houses too. No, we're not rich. We just like to be in debt. -____________-

I haven't got the keys yet but now everything is almost certain. Unlike the previous two houses, this time, we actually make it through the S&P agreement. I feel so grown up. Insyaallah, everything should be settled in this two months.

So for now, I am back to my browsing for pinterest idea phase. I am spoil with choices! I haven't pick the colour scheme yet everything just look so pretty and delicious I want to implement everything to my house!


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