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Saturday, December 28, 2013


Assalamualaikum. :)

After that Pak Bude brought us to Manik Abian.

At the entrance. Trying to do the hand greeting but of course, we fail!

Since Bali is all about nature, this place introduces to you several types of trees you can plant in Bali.

Although they plant a lot of trees, this place specialised in making coffee.

+ayu mdnor at work. Did the tool resembles the old school lesung batu? or is this really is a lesung batu?

tool to filter the coffee powder.

Coffee and tea testing. All are free except for Kopi Luwak and Kopi Jantan. This place is nice and cozy. I could totally read and write here.

We were entertained by this super friendly young boy. He's 19 and his name is Betul! yes Betul! you have to believe everything he says because he is always right (right=Betul). lame? sorry. -.-'

anyway, despite his name, he taught us a lot of things. When he told us his salary, we make a fuss on how low it is ( yes we have no manner. sorry!), but he told us humbly, at least, it is still better than nothing.


I feel ashamed! I complain about my salary a lot. A. LOT. 

saying that I should be paid more since I endured so much for this job when actually, if compared to Betul, my suffering is not really that big of a deal.

When we told him we are from Malaysia, he kept asking us all sorts of questions about Malaysia. He told us he wants to go to Malaysia but he don't think he will be able to. Malaysia is a place that is so close yet so far for him. oh Betul, stop making this nuna cry will you? :((((((((((((((((((

He's a smart kid. I can sense it. oh did I mention he speaks perfect Malay? no? He speaks perfect MALAY! 


After that we went to Kintamani.

the view, Masyaallah. superb.

I really started cursing myself by the time I reached here. how can I not bring any proper camera???? how can I trust my phone camera only to capture all the moments????? how can I?? T.T

this is the best than my phone camera can do. -.-' but then, it is still better than nothing right? :)

us, being tourists.

We had our lunch at a halal restaurant nearby. The place is beautiful. It's an open restaurant concept where you can eat while enjoying the mountain view.

no picture. we forgot to take pictures as we were too busy eating. -.-'

after that we went to Tirta Empul Temple.

to enter the temple, we need to where this sarong. I purposely choose this design to play matchy matchy with uncle at the back. :)

this is the ever famous holy water in Bali.

Outside of Tirta Empul Temple there is souvenir market. If you want to shop for souvenir, you can do so here. seriously. the seller here is super desperate. They're willing to bargain. but be careful. 

oh it has been a while but here's a tip.

Bali Budget Trip101 No. 6: Don't step inside their store if you have no intention to buy anything. 

just don't. because they will FORCED you to buy. You're not allowed to leave until you buy something. because they believe it's bad luck if you leave without buying anything.

no one told us that.


That night, we went for a nice walk along Kuta beach.

All in all, a day well spent.

Here are some tips from our 2nd day.

Bali Budget Trip101 No. 7: Do not order for Burger King's delivery

It wil took the guy forever to deliver your burger! :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Bali Budget Trip101 No. 8: If you're from Malaysia and you like KFC's Krusher, try Indonesia KFC's Krusher.

much much much much better than what we have in Malaysia. OMG im starting to miss them!

Bali Budget Trip101 No. 9: Bring a camera.

but I think this serve as a reminder for me only. because who will forget camera on holiday????? who????? me! -.-'

Bali Budget Trip101 No. 10: Bring a travel plug adapter.

Different country use different power for electricity. bring one, just in case you'll need it.

to be continued ...


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