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Good daughter

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I look up to my mother. Though I don’t actually admit it to her face, personally, I think she’s everything that a woman should be. 

She’s a good servant of Allah, daughter, wife and mother. We rely on her so much to the point where I don't think anyone in our family can live without her.

Recently, Emak gave me some really good advice on life.

the first one is on how to argue with your parents.

When she was young, whenever she disagree with Arwah Nenek, she always stay patient and kept her disagreement to herself. She don't yell, argue or even pout in front of her mother. Her logic is 

"Whatever it is, she's my mother, the one I should love and RESPECT with all my heart,"

Simple logic that even I, overlooked for so long!

Here's the miracle. Every single time she stays patient about it, that night, she'll always dream about arguing with her mother. They argue and settle things in those dream and with Allah wills, the very next day, in the real world, everything were indeed solved!!

Now that is a good reward for being a good daughter. :)

Secondly is on how to prevent yourself from getting guna-guna.

Be a really good Muslim. Believe in Allah as he is the Almighty that can cure anything.

I think this one is link with advice no. 1. Now, I believe if you're a really good daughter to your parents, Allah will help you in anything.

Again, whenever someone was bad towards Emak, she just kept her cool and distant herself from that person. Sure enough, sometimes, she dream about fighting with that person. Only this time, the fight is more brutal and instead of solving anything, it droves that person away from Emak's life which is why now she thinks that that person actually sent something bad to her but thankfuly, Allah helps to shoo it away.



Recently, a friend told me that there is really no cure if you are hit by a certain type of powerful black magic. I refuse to believe. I have my mother as a living example.

Believe and Allah will help.

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