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Assalamualaikum. :)

Hi all.

Seperti yang semua sahabat terdekat tahu, recently we went to Bali!

For this, I have airasia to thank too. Return ticket for only RM206!! siapa nak bagi weh siapa nak bagi melainkan Airasia. Thank you Airasia. I super like your tagline, ditch work for a break. It was seriously something I need after few months of being in a not so good job engagement.

Before I proceed, I care to explain that this is a post about trip on budget. so it will cover only the basics and some unfulfilled needs. T.T


Bali Budget Trip 101 No. 1 : Continuously and diligently check Airasia's website for promos. or you can just be a member and subscribes their news and promotion letters.

Seriously, Airasia is crazzzyyyy. Sometimes they can cost superrr expensive, sometimes they can be super generous.

like now. they're having ditch work for a break sale. Super murah! I know because I just booked a flight ticket home to Sibu and it only cost me around RM100++ as opposed to RM400++ when there is no promotion.

Crazy! (ok everyone gets it. you're in love with Airasia. move on please!)

Bali Budget Trip 101 No. 2 : Hire Supir (driver) and not travel agency. 

It's cheaper. During our stay, we hired Pak Bude (pronounce: Buda) as our driver cum tourist guide. His services only cost around Rp865,000 (RM240++) per trip! not per person like how most of the travel companies charged you. Meaning the more people, the cheaper. As we travel on 3, it only cost  around RM80++ per person for 2 days full trips and pickup and drop off to airport. Super murah right! Imagine if you travel in a larger group. Seorang bayar berapa jeeee. Ideal for family.

Pak Bude. Super nice and friendly. and positive minded too.

Bali Budget Trip 101 No. 3: Surveyed and booked your hotel online.

Walked-in cost a lot more. and oh one thing about Bali, since it is a big island, plan carefully where you want to stay. we stayed at Kuta because it's convenient. Everything is within reach. However, some people might not like it cause it's packed both with people and vehicles. For those who likes calmer and not so noisy places, may try Ubud. After choosing which area to stay, now is time to decide where to stay. Again, since this is a trip on a budget, we were thinking Tune Hotel since it is well known as affordable hotel but then suddenly Ain said she can find much cheaper hotel than Tune. so we leave the hotel booking to her. In the end, she booked us a room in Kuta Sari House. 4 days and 3 nights cost us only about RM170++! teruja lagi. semua benda nak teruja. seriously murah kot. Normally, our previous previous trips around Malaysia cost us at least RM80++ per night.

Front view. (source: Kuta Sari House's website)

but what I like the most about the room is the bathroom. Beautiful and super clean. seriously. you got to trust me. I hardly like budget hotels bathroom but this one I approved!

Bali Budget Trip 101 No. 4 : Find the cheapest money changer.

From our survey through friends and family, we think one money changer outlet in Mid Valley Megamall is the cheapest. yay or nay?

Day 1

Day 1 was mostly free and easy. we don't booked Pak Bude for the first day. We only ask him to pick us from the airport and drove us to our hotel.

Pak Bude reached a little bit late because of some miscommunication. Luckily, we have his phone number. but then, to those of you Malaysian who thinks you can speak Bahasa Indonesia, please, don't go and call your Supir and then over confidently use Bahasa Indonesia to converse with him. Please don't. because the dialect they use in Bali was a little bit different than Jakarta or Bandung. lagi pekat. you won't understand a thing pun. macam ayam dengan itik tengah cakap dalam phone. best way, speak english. it's easier. bila dah jumpa depan-depan nak cakap bahasa Indonesia sampai balik pun suka hati.

while trying to contact Pak Bude. eh Bangi Kopitiam????

after settled down, kemas kemas barang, tukar baju semua, we decided to walk to Pantai Kuta. and now, begins the most scary and long walk of our life. Walking from our hotel to Pantai Kuta would normally took paling lama pun around 10 minit lenggang lenggang kangkong mak limah. but,,,,,,,, we took 3 hours to reached Pantai Kuta. Whattheheck! and here comes travel trip no. 5.

Bali Budget Trip101 No. 5: No matter how tempted you are with the cheap prices, do not shop at Kuta! 

sure it's cheap. way way waaaaaaay cheaper than Malaysia. you can get a dress at around Rp100,000 (RM28++) in Kuta which is super cheap, but remember, Krishna is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaper. seriously. I will cover Krishna in my next entry but for now remember, do not shop at Kuta!!

Do you know why it's scary? because we bought at least one thing at every shops we stop. every single shop!

baru melangkah keluar dari hotel.

beberapa langkah dari gambar sebelum. lihat. beg plastik dah berboyot boyot.

by the time we reached Pantai Kuta, omg tengok dah berapa banyak beg plastik.

activating my inner shopaholic was a big mistake but the walk to the beach was not. It was nice. on your way to the beach you can see a lot of unique architecturally beautiful buildings and temples. yes. There's a lot of Buddha temples in Bali. as told by Pak Bude, Bali people pray a lot. they believe in their god and they believe if they pray well, god will treat them well. in fact, in the above picture, you can see one of Buddha god at the entrance of Pantai Kuta. 

picture source: Travel Folio

In front of almost every shop, they will put this 'offering' on the floor. Just beware of it. you can accidentally step on it but make sure to not purposely do so if you don't want to be stared at and be treated as a fellow that brings bad luck to them.

a pathway made of buttons! how creative.

Selca is a must to include everyone in the picture. habis senget senget dah my Jumitraf's shocking green shawl.

beautiful sky.

beautiful sunset. MasyaAllah. I missed this soooo much. T.T

and that conclude our 1st day in Bali. 

to be continued...


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  2. Salam...boleh share contact no..Kuta Sari

  3. Salam...boleh share no.contact Kuta Sari

    1. Salam.

      saya tak ada nombor Kuta Sari House tapi awak boleh buat tempahan di www.booking.com.

  4. Bole share no pak Bade? Email to me fathiyahfnab@gmail.com. Thanks

  5. Salam dah kata budget kan, berapa ye anggaran habis tolak tiket kapal terbang?

    1. Salam.

      anggaran saya habis untuk trip ini dalam +-RM600.

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  11. Excited betul baca entry ni. Tak sabar nak pegi bali. Tapi tiket murah x dapat lagi. Haha

  12. Thanks to sharing your trip experiences with us,Nice blog which nicely written.

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