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pheewwwwhhh finally the last post.

For the last day, we were supposed to do some water sport activities but if you have been reading my posts about our Bali trip, you should have known that we literally spent ALL our money on our first day. :((((((((((( .  So when it's time for water sport, what's left was only enough to pay Pak Bude, airport tax, and meal. Kesian. and stupid. now who says accountants know how to spent money wisely? who says?

So here tip no. 11

Bali Budget Trip101 No. 11: Save aside money for water sport activities.

rugi rugi kalau pergi Bali tak main water sport. It's cheap! even cheaper for people from 'serumpun' countries. You know, like Malaysia, Singapore. they treat us like locals. They give us local prices. Seriously. Westerners pay 3x the price you'll be paying for the same sport! gila tak gila. Kita dapat main semua, dia baru dapat main satu sport.

Unlucky for us, we didn't even get to play any. T-T

As we were leaving, the guy gave his final offer to us. A boat ride and a trip to turtle island for only rp200,000 per person. We accepted that offer only because the guy was begging us to at least purchased one activity since we're there already.

the boat ride was nice. We got to feed the fish and all.

This is the entrance. If I remember correctly, you need to pay rp10,000 for entrance fee.

In turtle island, we can ....................

Play with turtle! yeah everybody knows that. T.U.R.T.L.E. ISLAND. -.-' 

me bonding with the turtle, i thought it went well until ........

he slapped me! 

There are other animals besides turtle. They have snake too. If only I have the courage to hold that snake, it will make a good profile picture.

Us, envying others.

After that we went to Padang Padang beach for sightseeing. It is by far, the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my entire life. <3 <3 <3

but have you ever heard people say good things are always hard to achieve? it's true.

The beach is far far faaaaarrrr down there.

now, how do we go there?

First you climb down the stairs.

Then you'll reached a flat surface. Don't give up. keep going.

Follow this sign. 

Then you climb down some more stairs. only this time, it's narrower than before.

still climbing down stairs.

and voila!

Nothing can describe how beautiful it is. A must see in Bali.

Us, being tourists.

There are a lot of tourists here. they came mostly to surf and sunbathing. 

'Btw guys, it's time to get back up again.'


yeah, you need to use the SAME route you take to go down. It was exhausting. honestly, the thought of signing up for a gym did cross my mind at that time. to increase my physical level. but we all know that didn't happen.

After that, we went to uluwatu temple.

You are only allowed to enter the temple after you wear this yellow cloth. 

Kindly be aware of the monkeys in Uluwatu. There are a lot of them, and they like to steal your stuff. As soon as we entered Uluwatu, the tension that I feel was quite similar with the feeling that I feel walking from Kantin to our dorm back in high school. so scary. they can attack you at anytime.

Awesome view at Uluwatu.

then again, if somewhere offers an awesome view, the journey to find awesomeness will also be .....


After this, I seriously will not consider climbing the Great Wall of China. -.-'


beautiful path.

and you know what's perfect for a beautiful long path like this?


after that we were supposed to go to Tanah Lot, have a nice dinner while watching the sunset, but then we realise, if we go there, we will not have time to play with water anymore as we will be leaving first flight the next day. unanimously, we choose to go back and have a relaxing evening at Kuta Beach.

I am glad we made that decision. because though we faced a lot of up side down and tiring moments during the trip, at least, we have a good and relaxing closure. <3 <3 <3

Bali Budget Trip101 No. 12: Activate oversea banking

IMPORTANT! the only reason we we're so broke during the trip is because none of us bother to activate oversea banking. we thought we brought enough cash but we did not. so just to be safe, activate it.

Bali Budget Trip101 No. 13: Keep aside rp150,000 per person for departure tax.


Thank you for reading. <3


  1. berapa agak2x bajet ya kalau pergi seminggu ke sana?
    email me: bhrain@outlook.com

  2. arghh terjua nk ke bali...tq sharing

  3. Bedugul dan ubud terlalu sayang untuk dilewatkan. Hanya saran

  4. Bedugul dan ubud terlalu sayang untuk dilewatkan. Hanya saran

  5. ada ke full budget utk the whole trip..sgt2 budget x sbb search dlm google ternampak blog u nie...so trus dh day 2 dh...huhuhuhu..sbb amat rajin nk mencari rentetan sebelom nya so komen jela sini...xpe kn...

    1. Full entry boleh baca dekat sini :)



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