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Friday, March 13, 2015


Okay, about the Malay dramas that I talked before,

before I proceed, I would like to explain that I have nothing against Malay dramas. I watched them and I've even love some of them. 

but things that draws me further furtheeeer and furtheeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrr away from Malay dramas nowadays are the storylines.

Honestly, I have a problem when the production crews which include director, writer, actors of the drama are all obviously muslim, but the content are not so muslim-y.

Mungkin sebab sekarang dah tua dan dah boleh fikir benda tu betul ke salah, I hate it when writers come out with stories that revolves around adultery or pregnant-with-other-man's-child-but-marries-other-man-but-still-love-the-first-man or marries-other-person-to-obey-their-parents-but-still-keep-their-original-girlfriend/boyfriend-on-the-side or I-rape-you-cause-I-want-you kind of dramas.

Why Malaysia Why?

Do you realise the power that that little box eh no,

Do you realise the power that that huge-thin-black-rectangle-screen-hanging-on your-wall holds? 

I have a little cousin, who stand on one knee every single time he wants to give flowers to his mother. Where on earth did he learn that from?

obviously from TV programs. In my cousin's case, luckily he picked up the good things. Scary things is, kids don't know how to choose, yet. While learning the good things, they may pick up some of the bad things. It's scary in a sense of how are we going to explain to a 4 year old kid that he's doing something wrong when everybody else on TV are doing that thing?

I don't even want to imagine parents with teenagers......good luck is all I can say.

Again, I am not at all pious or anything, I just hope that Malaysia, my beloved country, will try to at least strive to be a good muslim country rather than merely claiming that it is.

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