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If you love someone, tell them

Sunday, September 13, 2015


*Update on the pink guitar*

Today I scan the shop again. I want to see who fill the vacancy left by my pink guitar. It's an ugly purple guitar. Yucks!


As I am writing this, SNSD's Lion Heart live broadcast for Music Bank is playing on KBS. OMG! What did I just watch? Is that even SNSD? That was bad, girls. Really really bad. I am not even a fan but I pity those girls.


"If you love someone, tell them,"

Simple right? I wonder what's so hard about it. I am seriously wondering. oh btw, I am talking about 'love' here, not 'like'.


It's a crush. It comes and goes very easily. For me, my crush changes depending on which drama I'm currently watching. Haha. Seriously, if a drama is good, my withdrawal syndrome can go on for nearly a month! and since it comes and goes very easily, there is really no need to let the person know that you have a crush on that person. I mean, what if you confess your feeling today, then tomorrow you don't like that person anymore otoke? So, in case of "like", it's better to keep it to yourself (or with your bestfriend), it's more beautiful that way.

She called me straight away. It was GD. :') (Oh in case you're wondering, yes, I got an earful from Ayu that day)


This is hard to explain. Different people love differently. I guess you'll only know it when you feel it. It's very similar to "like", but much more. From what I learn from K-dramas (I have no experience, remember?), if you love someone, you'd want that person to always be around. Somewhere near you.

That's why I don't even understand the logic of "Let's not Fall in Love". Doesn't it hurt to deny your feeling when you obviously love that person to death? Why do we fear confession anyway? To tell you the truth, I once believe "perigi" can't look for "timba". but after a while, I wonder, then only guys can choose? So unfair. What if a girl really likes a guy, she's supposed to let it go, just like that?I don't think God is that cruel. It was a Malay idiom, not a hadith. We have Siti Khadijah as a perfect example.

Rejection? It hurts, for a while. After that, meeeehhhh. At least, you can move on with your life knowing you tried. It was never meant to be. There's no more "What if?" to think about. Isn't this a more courageous way to live?

Strive for what you want! yes you, my dear friend who-will-hit-me-if-I-mention-your-name-here. Good Luck!

(P/S: I've written this long just for you, if you still can't find the courage I can't help you anymore :) )

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