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Black Sheep

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Dikyah: Nak balik esok pagi lah (She has exam on the following day)
Me: Eh balik hari ni la...bila nak study kalau balik esok
Dikyah: Dah habis study lah
Me: *speechless*
Farid: *while smirking* orang takde life boleh la habis study

Before anything, can you guys see what I just did...I gave an advice to someone, on studying! *macam ketam ajar anak berjalan lurus

Anyhow, Dikyah's word leave me speechless...I mean, how can someone finish revising exam's topics??? or did you? you did? why have I never? okay don't feign ignorance Athirah. you know exactly why. Did you forget about all those playing and lazying around you did while in Uni? =P

Dikyah has always been a model student. She's smart, finishes all her homework, revise periodically (instead of right before exam), hardworking, follow rules, bla bla bla bla bla (insert everything that model students do)...She knows it too and she brags a lot about it. Whenever she got/gets good grades, she waived her exam papers in front of us for us to see. -_________- I swear, if anyone offered to frame them for her, that would be the best birthday present anyone could ever give her.

You thought this would have stop once she's in Uni but nooooooooo, she still shows my mom her exam papers! -_________________- Figures, my mom still reacts to it. The rest of us, we couldn't be bothered. We don't even care about our own grades why should we care about hers? Even if we reacted, we would just tease her about having no life because for us,

Smart student = No life


We played hard, yes. Do we regret them? no. Do we suffer as adult? no. We turn out alright. I got a job, Farid got a job. so we're okay.

however, looking at Dikyah, just because she doesn't play as hard, she does not has any less of a life than us.

I guess, I....okay mostly Farid but I played a part too, should change the way we think. Not all smart students are nerds and not all nerds don't have a life. Right?

One thing for sure, if black sheep by definition is the odd one from the group, I guess, our black sheep is Dikyah! or maybe she's the only white one among the blacks.


P/S: Remember how I told you that because of the huge slider, I kind of ruin my previous blog template with my weird pictures since that template needs good high quality picture and I rambled how I need to learn flatlay and stuff? Well, obviously, I give up. That large slider is a nightmare for a photography noob like me. So for now, I'll stick with this clean, neat, low maintenance look.

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