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I think......there's an expiration date on crushes.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


Drama: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

My rating: 2/10

The writing has a lot of plot hole. The writer jammed the drama with a lot of stories but did not develop them well. A lot of things were left unanswered for instance we never know why only the female in Bong Soon's family were gifted with strength, what happen to Min Hyuk's mother, why Kim Jang Hyun became a psychopath.....a lot of unfinished stories. But I am not here to dwell. This drama is so easy to move on thanks to it underdeveloped story line.

However, taking a step back from what I just said, this writer did one thing extremely well...One thing I've never seen in other dramas;

She gave proper closure to both Bong Soon and Gook Du's one sided love

Throughout my journey with K-drama, this is the first drama where the you-like-me-you-like-me-not storyline get proper closure. Though a little to late, both Bong Soon and Gook Du's get the opportunity to confess their feeling....both were given time to dwell on their own cowardly self for not confessing and for not realising each others feeling sooner....both got their own fair share on asking what if? and finally, both were given proper closure. That scene where both of them look at their old pictures together and finally accepted that they will only be friends forever, I cry.

Bong Ki: My sister make it clear that she liked you. You didn't know?
Gook Du: I didn't know. I liked Bong Soon too. That's why I didn't know. I couldn't see her feeling because I was overwhelmed with mine.
Bong Ki: If I told you, would it have been different?


Bong Soon: I think......there's an expiration date on crushes.


Gook Du: We are friends....who won't ever change, right?
Bong Soon: Right
Gook Du: Bong Soon ah, be happy.
Bong Soon: happy.


Having said all that, I am not saying that I am shipping them. I am on Min Hyuk's side...hehe. There's no doubt in my mind that Bong Soon should be with Min Hyuk but I am a big believer in closure. I believe in proper closure. Proper heart-to-heart session, honest talk. I believe one needs move on, for real. =P

Another disclaimer: I am a fan of Ji Soo from his Bok Dong (Angry Mom) days but I don't think he has the skill yet to be among the leads in dramas. I think this role is too early for him. He has so much to learn before he can play lead character perfectly.

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