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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Me and my friend were discussing about how we're just merely existing rather than living. Our days were filled with us, melepek everyday. We're either with our phone scrolling nonsense or we watch dramas after dramas then we wonder how good things never happen to us. daaa  -_-

Speaking of which, lately I've been really into this variety show call "I Live Alone". As how the title suggest, the show is about how celebrities who live alone, lead their life, on a daily basis. Another pointless use of my time I know, Faiz has been nagging me with his "kenapa nak tengok macam mana orang hidup?"


I did learn something from the show.

By looking at diligent people like Ji Soo, Han Cha Ah, Brave Brother etc etc live their life, I am inspired to be diligent too! I got inspired to learn new skills thanks to Ji Soo, I try not to procrastinate thanks to Han Cha Ah, I got interested to learn how to cook thanks to Guk Joo's fuss-less cooking, The list is endless! Besides that, I also learn on what not to be by looking at how people like Si Eon or Kian84 live.

See, I am learning. :P

Anyway, as part of me and my friend "find-the-purpose-of-life" mission, we each needed to find a hobby and we found one! A hobby that miraculously, both of us enjoy! Growing succulent! #matchmadeinheaven

Never thought that a hobby can be this fulfilling. <3

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