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Saturday, October 3, 2015



Today I watched "Healing Camp: Gary" and he brought Kwangsoo with him. Gary told us that Kwangsoo in person is actually very different than the Kwangsoo that we all know from Running Man. In real life, he's actually very shy and introvert. As he was explaining about Kwangsoo real personality, I realise we are actually quite similar.

We are extremely (chronically) shy towards strangers

I think, we put too much pressure on ourselves. We think too much about how other people perceive us which honestly, I don't know why. I know it's unhealthy. That part I know quite well. Sometimes, I even sacrifice myself for the sake or pleasing a stranger. At that moment, I even forget how to form the word "No". Are u suppose to role your tongue? again?

Funny thing is, it's the only thing I know when I am around someone I am familiar with, "eh jom.." "NO!", "tolong..." "NO!" "Kakak..." "NO!!!"


So they asked the MCs how to overcome Kwangsoo's shyness and one of them answered with,

"You only live once. Do whatever you want to do!"


Simple right? tapi menusuk! Seriously though, you only live once! why the hell you're sacrificing yourself for people that you don't even know???? Life is definitely too short to burden ourselves. We need to learn to love ourselves first and focus on what's important. Of course don't love yourself to much until everything also don't want to do cause "Omo that's too hard for me, I love myself so I can't do something hard. I better go and lie down all day long". That's lazy!

So I have a new motto now, #YOLO. I know, It's a long process. Nothing can be change overnight but I hope with this motto, everyday, I'll wake up with the aim of becoming a better person for myself and for people that's important to me. Pray for me guys! Hope you'll meet a better version of me soon! =)

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