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Friday, February 17, 2017


Though this is a 2015 show, only recently I know this show existed...probably because I am not a fan of any actors/actresses of the show...Oh Ji Ho, though has been in the industry for a while now, still needs to fix a lot of areas. I mean, just look at his most reason work, Oh My Geumbi. I find it fascinating that the acting of the child actor playing Geumbi is more believable and touch my heart more than Oh Ji Ho, an adult.

Though I really value good acting, what drawn me into this drama is the story.. Sometime, even with good writing like Signal, I can't overlook Lee Jee Hoon poor performance. However, with this drama, actor and acting is the least of my fact, I don't even care. The main villain backstory is so good, it trumps everything else.

The main villain backstory is really commendable. He is a lawyer who, by day, makes a living by helping bad rich people escape punishment through loopholes in law. However, by night, he is a leader of a group called Saranghoe, who punishes people who escape mainstream law earlier. So in a nutshell, he helps his clients escape law, then he punishs them with his own law, which is always death penalty.

How Saranghoe works -> the lawyer, Han Gyu Hyeok will helps his client escape law. His people will then kidnap The Client. The Client will then be trial by Saranghoe law and Saranghoe law is pretty simple, if The Client's victim wants The Client dead, The Client will be sentence to death.

How Saranghoe court room looks like

The way they recruit their people is also quite unique. The people of Saranghoe are mostly Han Gyu Hyeok's previous client's victims. When law disappoint them, Han Gyu Hyeok helps them find justice, in their own way. He helps them get their revenge. He makes use of their rage and they or their families end up becoming accomplices. After that person has become an accomplice, they will then help to kidnap the next target. Since the kidnapper is practically unrelated to the target, there is no way police could trace the connection, thus making it the perfect crime. In addition, since Han Gyu Hyeok helps them when they hit rock bottom, these people are very loyal to him.


I.....understand his logic. Laws are made by human, therefore, it's only natural for laws to be flawed. In a world where laws can be bought, I understand why such extreme measures need to be taken....and it's not like they are killing someone good, they are killing bad guys here, the worst kind...people that the world would be better without....Giving his circumstances, I understand his choice. Which makes me wonder,

"If I were in his shoes, would I make similar choice?"

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